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Engagements, Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity, Boudoir Photographer

 If you're looking for a creative, emotive, modern, photographer on Long Island, you're in the right  place!  


I'm a Long Island based Photographer, who loves to shoot anyone from babies to brides (and everything in between). I LOVE gorgeous light, fun people, my fur babies, and all things vintage, creative or DIY! I capture creative images that are full of life, documenting your story, and how your life is right now. Shooting on-location at golden hour (an hour after sunrise or before sunset), is my absolute favorite time to shoot, but I'm not afraid of pull out some studio lighting. Certain shoots call for a more intimate touch, that's why I have my in-home studio space in West Babylon. It is equipped with huge windows to let in natural light, along with a full studio lighting setup, perfect for Cake Smash Shoots, Newborns, and Boudoir!

No matter where your shoot takes place, your photos will be filled with emotion, creativity, and my whole heart. I've been known to pull out a film camera, prism, broken lens, crawl in mud, or climb a tree from time to time to get the perfect shot. Anything to capture my vision! I would love to work with you to create some real fun, one-of-a-kind images! I can't wait to hear more about your kids, get choked up about your engagement story, or plan out the perfect Cake Smash shoot!


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