A Cold Day at Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area

I was starting to really have some cabin fever last Winter, because it was cold and snowy for so long. I decided I just needed to go out shooting one day. I was over Gabe's in Oceanside, and had seen signs for the Oceanside Marine Nature Study Area (say that 5 times fast) countless times, but had never actually gone there. I decided that today was a good a day as any, and drove down. Gabe was not in the same crazy I-Need-to-go-shooting-right-now mindset as I was so he decided to stay home. It was actually refreshing to go out shooting by myself. I hadn't done it in so long I forgot how much I actually liked it. The Study Area was also pretty much completely empty, so I had the place to myself. There's really not many better things than throwing on some headphones, grabbing my camera, and doing some exploring.