This Year I...

Started a 365 Project, and made it about half way through. That is longer than I have ever made it before so I'm happy with that.

During the Project, I discovered my love of macro photography; especially photographing "dead stuff"

There were dinosaurs...

It also made me explore new places to shoot, and I found some great new spots on Long Island!

Gabe and I went on an amazing trip to Austin to visit friends. 

During our Summer trip to Maine, we didn't do much, but we did mange to go on an accidental hike in the rain and fog. 

We also played with dogs, and looked at the stars (and Perseid Meteor Shower).

Went to Disney, and actually planned a vacation like a real adult, with a travel agent and everything!

Saw and photographed some great music, courtesy of Kaiju Daisenso

Was super lucky to meet, and work with, some of the most amazing clients! Still shocked sometimes, I'm lucky enough to be able to make money doing what I love. 

Oh and PS, did I mention I got engaged?!

I guess, as it turns out, 2016 wasn't all that terrible after all. Here's to hoping 2017 is even better!
Happy New Year everyone, stay safe!