Portrait Packaging Revamp | Long Island Photographer

portrait-packaging-long-island-photographer-wooden-box-usb-Collage 1
portrait-packaging-long-island-photographer-wooden-box-usb-Collage 2
portrait-packaging-long-island-photographer-wooden-box-usb-Collage 3
portrait-packaging-long-island-photographer-wooden-box-usb-Collage 4

I'm super excited to share my new packaging with you all! My old packaging was OK, but it never really felt like me. I took some time, and looked a whole bunch of places, from Etsy to Rice Studio Supplies, till I found products that I felt really screamed me. I'm so in love with my little wooden box with the glass bottle flash drive, and the gray folder for holding reference prints is to die for! This is what you get when you purchase any of my Portrait Collections! I love giving my clients something really special to keep after their portrait sessions. Let me know what you think!