Kaiju Daisenso at Don Pedro's, Brooklyn | NYC Band Photographer

kaiju-daiseno-don-pedros-nyc-band-photography-Collage 1
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kaiju-daiseno-don-pedros-nyc-band-photography-Collage 4
kaiju-daiseno-don-pedros-nyc-band-photography-lens-baby-edge-80-Collage 5

It's not very frequently that a guy dressed in an inflatable Godzilla costume starts moshing with a crowd at a show, but that's exactly what happened at Kaiju Daisenso's show at Don Pedro's. This whole night was amazing! I mean how could it not be when Godzilla makes an appearance?! Everyone was having a blast and Kaiju's set was amazing! I tried out a new technique called Lens Chimping at this show. In short, Lens Chimping is holding a convex lens element in front of your camera lens, to get different reflections of ambient light. I fell in love with this technique that night! Some of the effects I got with it are amazing, and I think this was the perfect situation for this technique. I'll definitely be pulling out this bad boy in the future! I, of course, had to pull out my favorite, the Lensbaby Edge 80. Because what better time to shoot with a manual selective focus lens?!

Usually I don't use flash at shows, but the lighting at this venue was pretty terrible. I also knew a lot of the action was going to be happening on the floor where there was basically no lighting at all. I decided to give using flash a shot. Bouncing the flash off the ceiling worked perfectly for most of the shots. I knew I wanted to get some more movement when Godzilla came out though. For those shots I tried out dragging the shutter, basically just exposing for the ambient light in the room (so you have a longer exposure time i.e. 1/60, 1/8), changing your flash settings to a more narrow band of light, with on camera flash. You have to make sure you move the camera during the exposure to get the trails of light, while the flash freezes the subjects motion. I haven't done this since my days at NCC, but I've seen some gorgeous wedding reception photos using this technique. I really liked how some of them came out, and they really gave the shots some more motion. I think it would have worked better in a different lighting situation, and think it will be something fun to play around with more.

Seriously, if you like Grindcore or Godzilla, or any combination of those things, you need to check out Kaiju Daisenso! Here's a link to their Band Camp page so that you can give them a listen- http://kaijudaisenso.bandcamp.com