Hail Eris! at Leftfield in NYC | Band Photographer


Despite the fact that Leftfield would have been a great place to go out drinking, I have to admit, this was a weird venue to shoot at. The stage was tiny (not even the whole band fit on it), there was about zero light on the drummer, and the light overall was just pretty meh. It probably also didn't help that I decided to try to shoot my manual focus Lensbaby this night. Probably not the best of ideas. I do like how some  of the shoots came out. They add some pretty cool motion to this stagnant venue. I don't think I would never use it again, but probably somewhere with slightly better lighting, I also had an epic moment of stupidity. All of these shots were actually manually focused. Turns out, you should probably check your camera settings before you get into a darkened venue. The whole set, I was freaking out because my 105 "wouldn't autofocus". I was trying everything to get it to work. Everything besides, of course, the obvious of checking the lens to see if it was set to auto or manual focus. Yup. It was on manual. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed with how actually in focus these photos are despite that. So yeah, that happened.