Christmas in Maine: Amazing Night Sky Photos | Long Island Photographer

During the late Summer of 2014, my boyfriend Gabriel and I took a trip up to Maine. Some of my favorite photos from that trip were my night sky photos (check them all out on my Flickr). Actually, not only were the night photos my favorite, but also just looking at the unpolluted night sky in Maine. I don't think I have ever seen so many stars in my life. Not even when I would go out East on Long Island camping during Girl Scouts. So he asked me to spend Christmas in Maine worth him I was, naturally, a tad bit excited to take another whack at taking some night photos. So excited, in fact, that I bought a brand spanking new (used) lens. Enter the Nikon 35mm f/2. OK, so it's not the fanciest, most top-of-the-line 35mm lens, but I'm seriously digging it right now. It fills a nice void in my lens lineup, and furthers my quest of exclusively shooting with prime lenses again. Let's get back on topic, and away from my nerding out about my new lens. Sadly, there was no snow on the ground, and it was actually 50 degrees during the day, but that allowed for some great night time shooting conditions. Last time I took night photos, I shot wide open and scored some pretty nice photos of the Milky Way. I liked how they came out, but I was getting some lens movement(because I used the 24-80), and slight star trailing.  This time I wanted to get a bit more of the landscape and surrounding in the photos.I decided to shoot at f/7 to give the brightest stars a starburst effect. I also remembered my love of night photography, and how the different ambient light sources mix, and create this otherworldly scene. Anyway, photos to follow, I hope you love them too!

 Let's not forget this amazing sunset, taken with my iPhone 6 edited with VSCO.