Happy Holidays from Me to You! | Long Island Photographer

Merry Christmas to anyone out there celebrating today, and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day, with your family and the ones you love the most!

My lovely boyfriend and I actually went to "see the tree" at Rockefeller Center a few weeks ago, but I felt it only fitting to post these today. A little back story, my birthday is November 20th, and his is the 28th. We wanted to celebrate together, and planned to go to the Brooklyn Museum then dinner at La Vara (which was so unbelievably good, it has ruined all other food for us forever, I highly suggest it). This day will forever be known as aka Nomfest 2014. With Thanksgiving, and our work schedules that day wound up being in December. It actually worked out really well, so then would could spread a little Christmas cheer into our day. I won't say this was without a slight bit of protesting from him, but since he is such a swell guy he, of course, gave in. Good thing too, because we had a blast, and I got to take some awesome pictures! It was such a great day, I can't wait till Nomfest 2015!