Corinne & Peter's Wedding | Long Island Wedding Photographer

I had such an amazing time at Corrine and Peter's wedding! They are pretty much the most adorable couple I have ever met. You could really tell how much love they have for each other, even after being together for 20 years! It's the type of stuff that people dream about. It was really sweet how the whole family was involved in this wedding. Their grandson was the ring bearer, and two granddaughters were the flower girls. It truly was a family affair. Their two family combined seamlessly, and it was really like they were already a family, the marriage just made it official. It had been such a rainy morning too, but a luck would have it, the sun came out just in time to make this wedding beautiful! It may have started raining later on, but it only added to the kids fun, as they all went playing out in the rain. This family was so much fun, with an impromptu game of catch and jumping it a pool. It was great day! Congrats Corrine and Pete, I'm sure you guys will have so many years of happiness in front of you!