2013 Resolutions.. er I mean Goals. | Long Island Photographer

I'm not the type of girl to make New Years resolutions. In my opinion, you shouldn't wait for a certain day to make huge life changes you should just do it when you have the drive and motivation to do it. When the idea strikes you. But hey, I guess that's me. The other big problem I have with New Years resolutions is people make such a big deal about them, and get all pumped up and then 3 weeks later it doesn't matter anymore. Anyone who's ever been a member of a gym can attest to that. I HATE going to the gym January 2nd-21st, it's always packed out! Granted I still do.

Ok so now that my little rant is over, on to the reason for my post.

I wanted to change some things in 2013, but I don't want to call them resolutions, I want to call them goals. Goals that just so happen to be starting on January 1st. So here we go.

2013 Resolutions....Goals:

1. Build my business and really promote it into something, rather than just a fleeting dream.

1b. (I suppose an offshoot of 1)Get really good at networking and marketing! (I'm sometimes the worst introvert when it comes to marketing)

2. Keep up with my social network like *ahem* this blog. Apologies for my sporadic posting, I'll be better, I promise.

3. Do a Photo 365. And I mean really do a Photo 365. (See below)

4. Continue with kickboxing classes, and lose that last 20-ish pounds (because its not a list of New Years resolutions without a weight loss related resolution)

Photo 365- 1/365