Quite possibly the best Christmas present ever!... | Long Island Fine Art Photographer

Edge 80.Edge 80! EDGE 80!!! Thanks to my lovely mother, who got me the Lensbaby Edge 80 optic for Christmas! I'm totally in love with this lens. Like I've fallen hard, head over heels in love! Been shooting with a Lensbaby for years now, and have a plethora of optics but this is by far my favorite optic so far. My favorite part about this lens is the tilt shift effect. Since I'll probably never be able to afford a real tilt shift lens (about $1,500 :/), and can really find a good reason to justify buying one, besides the typical "I want it", this lens makes up for you. Check out my first shots with it Christmas morning.


Friday I got some amazing shots of NYC with the Edge 80 during a trip with the family. I'm editing now, and I'll post some ASAP! I'm so stoked! Anyone else get some exciting Christmas gifts?!